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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Subject - Advanced Business Implementation Project

Sharing Teaching Experience

As for this semester, I got 24 students registered under my class.
Eventhough, the guys and girls are big enough actually they are from the type that need attention.

For example - Student 1 & 2

Student1: Madame, I am hungry lah.
Madame : Eh, still early besides still another 45 minutes and you still need to do some of my questions.
Student2: We didint eat yet.
Madame : Very well, if that is the case I will let you go now but please submit my all my questions. Hurry Hurry
Student1: Ok we will try to finish

For example - Student 3

Madame : What is your opinion on "lone programmer"?
Student3: Basically, they are just programmer
Madame : Goooooooooddddddddddddd try. "Teacher whisper, actually it is not that correct"
Student3: Blushing face but feel proud.
Madame : 2nd question, What is SDLC?
Student3: I want to answer...
Madame : what

For example - Student 4
Student4: Madame, is there any class today?
Madame : Definitely, sure...
Student4: Ayaahhhhh, I feel lazy. Can we just cancel the class. I am tired.
Madame : Of course can...However we have to replace it this Saturday.
Student4: Ok, ok, I will come to class right now.

1 comment:

  1. i asked my students today...
    "on the observation survey, all of u wrote that u need the lecturers to be berbudi bahasa? what kind of budi bahasa dat u need? when i taught at front... then all of u keep bz talking or browsing the PC, is dat berbudi bahasa?"

    so again.... "salah kita ke?"